Detailed answers to frequently asked questions
What is AltaClub?
AltaClub is an equity-based investment platform where top startups chosen by our management team and investors whom we respect and trust can find each other and sign great deals.
How much does it cost for an investor to join the AltaClub community?
AltaClub is free to join for both investors and startups. We do not charge any membership fees and are instead focusing on a long, exit-based strategy to multiple our investments.
What is your advantage for investors compared to other crowdfunding platforms?
Unlike other platforms, we are not a marketplace with hundreds of startups providing you an opportunity "tо look for a needle in a haystack." Every startup on AltaClub has gone through our due diligence process, and every opportunity is one that we are investing in as well.
How to apply to AltaClub as an investor?
It is very simple, just sign up here and register as an investor. Once we verify your accredited investor status (we may contact you as part of this process, or request you to sign or provide additional documents), you will be able to log into the AltaClub website and will have full access to information about the startups looking for investment.
Can we contact the startups in which we intend to invest?
Yes, but we'd like to try to answer your questions ourselves first. You should understand that a great part of a startup's success depends on the time the founders focus on the business side of the project, so it's better for all of us not to disturb them unless necessary.
Can I share information about the startups with others?
Information freely available on the website without login can be shared, provided it is legal for both parties to share it. Information protected by login is limited to registered accredited investors only and is subject to a confidentiality agreement between AltaClub and you. Such information may not be shared with third parties.
As an investor, can I change the terms of the deal?
No. Changes in investment documents costs time and money and must be agreed with all round participants. As we are co-investing with you, we take care to negotiate the best possible deal terms for all parties. We hope that you will find these terms acceptable, but if not, there is always another AltaClub investment opportunity around the corner!
What are the fees?
For each investment commitment, a flat fee of 10% will be used to pay for setup, advisory, legal and administrative fees. Upon exit, AltaClub will be entitled to between 20% and 30% carried interest on profits from the investment, depending on actual performance.
What are the stages in the fundraising process at AltaClub?
You can use our website to indicate which startups you'd like to invest in and the size of your soft commitment. When the company you've chosen has reached their fundraising goal, we will inform you and start the formal investment procedures.
What if I change my mind?
You are free to change your mind at any time before actually signing definitive investment documents. We understand that there may be many possible reasons for that..
What happens after investment?
After the deal is closed you'll receive regular updates about the status of your investment. You are able, but not obligated to provide any mentor services to the company. Keep in mind that investments in startups are not liquid, it may take years before there is a return on your investment, and there is also a risk of complete loss of investment.
How will these investments affect my taxes?
You may be subject to various taxes, depending on the laws of your country of residence and your citizenship. You should always seek professional counsel, including from your accountant and tax advisor, before making any investment.